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Bahara Documentary - the Official Poster



Top 20 summer 2018 finalists for The Roy W.Dean Grant at From The Heart Productions, California, USA.


The remains of a Roma teenager are found by the street dogs of a small town. The death of young Bahara opens a Pandora’s box, an entire hidden network of sex slavery, work exploitation of minors and discrimination against Roma children in a small town in Southern Romania.


Bahara tells the story of children in the Muslim Roma (Gypsy) community. In a small town in Dobrogea county, Romania, they are facing discrimination, are marginalized and unaccounted for, many of them not even having papers at all. The children don’t have birth certificates, don’t have names or an age, and in many cases, they don’t even know their real parents. In the census, this community of hundreds of people simply does not exist.


The story of 17-year-old Bahara, a girl sold many times since she was 10 years old and brutally murdered, is not an unusual story in the small towns in South Dobrogea province. What is unusual in her story is that Bahara’s remains were not buried for over two years due to lack of identification, lack of witnesses, discrimination and ignorance.


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Operation Backpack


Top 20 finalists at the From the Heart Productions California, USA. “Operation Backpack”, a film by Daniela Apostoaei (Canada).


In a Northern Romanian village hundreds of children work hard to earn their daily living by illegally smuggling goods over the Romanian-Ukrainian border.


Their families live in poverty, and children are pressured to give up their childhood dreams and become part of a very complex game in the dangerous world of trafficking illegal goods.


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