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What happens when something terribly wrong becomes normality, and gets swept under the rug for a long time?

Documentary films where History, Social Sciences, Psychology, and Faith bring together a new light on Taboo. Where is the threashold between tradition and abuse when it comes to Roma culture in Romania? to name just one ethnicity.

Documentary films about social justice, real-life protagonists, and their mind-blowing stories

Poverty Around the World

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Traditions and Crafts

“Tiny Bukovina from Canada” documentary is about the first Romanian pioneers in Alberta, Canada, in the late 1800s. How immigration was back then, find out in this documentary.

Destiny Productions presents a collection of thought-provoking social justice documentaries soon available on Netflix and Hulu. These films embody the raw essence of truth and engage viewers on a profound level. Crafting a meaningful storyline requires unwavering dedication and time, akin to an art form.

As we navigate the path of education and honed our skills, we understand the importance of going above and beyond to create a captivating narrative. Join us as we explore popular movies addressing social issues and advocating for equality on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. Step into the realm of social justice documentaries, where stories come alive and ignite change. Discover the power of film with our selection of old and new releases and enjoy these impactful movies.

Some questions to ask before looking into a documentary: What movies address social issues? What should I watch for social justice? What are some movies that involve civic issues? What is the number 1 documentary?

Are you ready to share your real-life story?

Have you been writing something about it recently or in the past?

Trust is very important when it comes to collaborating on a documentary film about social justice.

Understanding the limitations of a project build up confidence.

Be honest about your story and characters!

Set a meeting with us

It is important to meet in person or online and have a brief of your story.

Documents as solid proof

Agreements and documents to sign before commencing the project


This is when the video-audio recording takes place, hands-on equipment, and travel, etc.


Where the magic happens. Gather everything, edit, and bring it to light

What kind of stories are we looking for and why?

Engaging stories can inspire positive change in ourselves and how we see the world. The healing always starts with a tiny spark, a glimmer of hope in soft, soulful eyes. We, as storytellers can only be ourselves and when it comes to film-making there is really no way to hide. Once again, documentary film-making is indeed a courageous way to make films because it is real and you are really in the middle of it.

Great stories are universal

Great storytelling is about taking a piece of the human condition and conveying it in a unique situation. Break down every little element about what you love about something or someone. Those are “real” feelings you’re having and you have to recognize them in detail in order to tell a great story yourself.

Great stories have a clear structure and purpose

One of our favorite way to develop a compelling story is to use “The Story Spine” formula created by professional playwright and improviser Kenn Adams. Practice with it by simply making up a bunch of different Story Spines as quickly as possible. By crafting a story that you are passionate about because it serves a real purpose, your stories will have bigger impact on the world.

Great stories have a character to root for (an underdog)

People want to root for you (the main character). This might seem straightforward but it’s worth keeping in mind anytime you’re creating a story. Remember to give the people an unexpected hero to root for.

Great stories appeal to our deepest emotions

Psychologists generally agree that there are six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. The more you understand how and when your own emotional levers are pulled, the more you’ll be able to sharpen those emotions in your stories.

Great stories are surprising and unexpected

What makes contemporary stories compelling are when our perceptions of reality are challenged or changed in some way. Many times topics or themes are surprising and unexpected, leaving the audience thinking about the story well after it is over.

Great stories are simple and focused

We as audiences know a good story when we see or hear one. Often times we might not even realize that we’re adding layers that don’t need to be there. One way to find out if your story is easy to follow is to tell it to a friend or family member who has never heard it before.

Real-life story tellers

The current COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting us all, especially the creators and travellers. We are supportive to our local businesses and we have seen lately many  closed doors because of the pandemic. But we believe in human injenuity and perseverence, and we pray to God to inspire us in everythgin we do. We have seen suffering and struggle in the peace times. Imagine how our grandfathers might have felt in the war times. Keep your memories alive and your stories well documented.

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