Chopi and King Samovar

Children's Book

Author Daniela Cupse Apostoaei

Adapted in English by Elsha Taya Travis

Out of all the children’s books I have, “Chopi and King Samovar” is on my best books for children shelf, and it’s a great gift idea for any season if you have kids around. I totally recommend it. – Sammy J.

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Bilingual Book for Kids 4-14 (English-Romanian)

Chopi and King Savora. In a world of perfect dishes, little Chopi is not quite perfect and is kept out of sight… until his dreams lead him on an adventure to accept his beauty, embrace his value, and realize how treasured he really is.

Core Team


Daniela Cupse Apostoaei



Elsha Taya Travis

English Adaptation


Andreea Hozan



Codrut Miron

Graphic Designer

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The book ”Chopi and King Samovar” creates a life-like situation of an important matter – belonging.  Ceramic vessels come to life in a carousel of events, shrouded in sensitivity and spectacular dynamism.

Chopi, a small ceramic vessel is “a little boy with a deeply cracked face but with eyes that sparkle with curiosity and imagination.” He was born with certain imperfections. Although the child is of high social rank, he is forced to live with his Grandma, Tefania, isolated from the rest of the society he desperately wants to be a part of.

Due to social obstacles, he leaves the house only at night, in order to avoid mockery but also to work and bring in some pennies to his Grandma, to be able to afford daily living. The action takes place in a fictional kingdom called Naharan, whose king Takumi reigns without making any public appearance. The kingdom is governed by strict laws that separate the inhabitants with defects from those who claim not to have them.

The Official Assembly of the land called “The Enlightened Pots Assembly”, is made up of sages who abide by the strict letter of the law. They also make sure that the rules would not be broken even if this causes fear, suffering and apprehension. In the end, King Takumi decides to have a public appearance and tell his people a great secret. From that point on, the laws will be changed forever and Chopi’s dreams will be fulfilled in a miraculous way.

Andreea Hozan, Illustrator of Chopi and King Samovar children's book

 At the same time, the skilled craftsman Wabi Sabi is empowered by the King to repair the imperfections of the vast inhabitants. Their defects will no longer be considered a sign of shame and isolation, but a symbol of courage and values.

The names of the characters in the story are made of compound words meant to describe the heroes. Some of them are noteworthy: Takumi, The King is open-minded, truthful, loving and concerned for the good of others.

Wabi Sabi, the Master Craftsman, is wise, talented and respected in the kingdom. Through his art and talent, he manages to highlight the beauty and the value of the vessel.

Amatera is a great woman whose presence brings joy and happiness to those around her.

The art of gluing cracked, chipped or broken vessel with a gold thread is known in Japan as Kintsugi.

In this story this ancient art form receives a practical application from which both children and adults can learn: regardless of physical appearance or personal failures that have created emotional wounds, performance or talents, everyone is precious and valuable exactly the way we are and loved by the Giver of Life.

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