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We would love to meet with you in person or online, and talk more details about your story. We are located in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Phone: (403) 999-0221 | Email: studio@destinyproductions.ca

We might also come to you in cases of immobility or locomotion issues.

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Briefly describe the core of your story, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as practical. Our focus is primarily on documentaries about social (in)justice, poverty anywhere in the world, child trafficking, and immigration. Our cultural orientation scratches the surfaces of poetry, classical and contemporary arts, film and digital era, any form of cultural expression. If you would like to support us, you could always purchase our books and documentaries from our secure store.

English-Romanian and Romanian-English translations – Bilingual books

As you have already noticed from our store, we have bilingual books and get involved regularly in Romanian cultural forums, as well as English-speaking cultural groups. Our memberships come from a variety of domains, and you could read about our team on its page above.

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