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The first edition of Canadian International Fashion Film Festival -CANIFFF in 2016 brought together in Calgary, Alberta film producers, fashion designers, journalists, art lovers, various artists. CANIFFF curates a unique experience for fashion and film lovers. The festival is increasing access to fashion in new ways and providing a platform for brands and business who want to engage directly with those working in fashion and film disciplines.

Canadian International Fashion Film Festival article by Daniela Cupse Apostoaei and Codrut Miron

CANIFFF at its debut (2016)

Twelve participated countries and over 200 short films screened. This is the debut of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

Few European major cities have already festivals of this genre, like Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Fashion Film Festival Milano, Madrid FFF, etc… in Canada the fashion film has just started: « Even if there is a tradition in the fashion industry in Canada, there are very little film productions of this kind to reflect in motion picture in the world of fashion. The submissions started in November 2015, and only 10 percent of the submissions were canadian. For the future we would love to expand this idea to larger cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto » said Katrina Olson-Mottahed, one of the CANIFFF’s Co-founders.

The Shorts were submitted to eleven categories, Best Emerging, Best Actor / Model in a Fashion Film, Best Hair / Make up, Best Styling, Best Direction, Best Score, Best Concept, Best Cinematography, Best Edit, Best Canadian Fashion Film, and Best Fashion Film.
Canadian International Fashion Film Festival is planning to attract new countries as participants in the future editions and our hope is that Romania will be on the list for CANIFFF 2017 list.

Daniela Apostoaei (IFJ Member)
Codrut Miron (IFJ Member)

In Jurnal de Dambovita newspaper (Romania)

CANIFFF 2016 Canadian International Fashion Film Festival official poster

The official CANIFFF 2016 Program. Find out more on CANIFFF website

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