Feel Foreign

Calgary, AB

2016 & 2017

The Maple Dream

Short, 3′ 39″

Director Daniela Apostoaei

Camera & Editor Codrut Miron

Canada has a strong reputation for its openness to immigrants. The Maple Dream short film brings together the cultural diversity in a composition of images and music. We experience diversity in our every day life which shapes the way we work, play, and make a difference in how we view ourselves and others.
The film has been selected to compete at Feel Foreign Festival in 2016 and was selected among 7 finalists.

It could also be seen on Feel Foreing Youtube channel along with the other finalists.

Japanese Lifestyle

Short, 4′ 33″

Director Daniela Apostoaei

Camera & Editor Codrut Miron

This short film incorporates the Omatsuri and Nikka Yuko Gardens as an expressive way to mark Japanese heritage, culture and tradition. While the main purpose of a Japanese garden is to bring serenity and the beauty of nature into our crowded lives, festivals celebrate the deity’s shrines, a seasonal or historical event.

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