Vibes of Romanian Music

Calgary, AB

Summer 2018

Vibes of Romanian Music

Vibes of Romanian Music Recital was organized in June 2018 in Calgary to promote the Romanian community in Alberta by highlighting their culture and heritage through a musical story of creativity and sensibility. The event marked the 100 years since the unification of Transylvania, Basarabia and Bucovina with the Romanian Kingdom in 1918, the historic moment being known as The Great Union Day or Romania’s National Day.

In the recital, the musicians played masterpieces of the most accomplished Romanian composers from the 19th century to the present days paired up with poems by Daniela Cupse Apostoaei from her published bilingual book: ”Blue Embrace-Albastru In Doi”.
The poems brought to the Recital a poetic flavor of two souls always seeking for each other like the spread historic provinces of Romania looking to unite all in a Great Romania. This parallel took the audience to a spiritual level in which the main idea of souls versus lands converted to a singular purpose, the Great Union.


  • Valentin Borsu – Tenor
  • Daniela Cupse Apostoaei – Poetess
  • Denisa Calcan – Piano
  • Lisa Kiernan – Piano
  • Codrut Miron – Graphic Designer
Official Poster of the Vibes of Romanian Music event, Summer 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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